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The ineffective war on drugs

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(Ts) The United States has fought many wars in it’s history with many battles ending in victories and defeats. (Ps) The United States always held a legacy of fighting a war effectively, intelligently, and valiantly. (Ss) American battles include such wars as the great revolutionary war to the current operation Iraq freedom. (Ss) But there is one war that has always escaped the United States; this war is the war on drugs. (Ss) The war on drugs has been fought for many years and has never been resolved. (Thesis) This war hasn’t been resolved because of the reasons that the United States promotes other drug uses acceptable such as alcohol, the ineffective spending of funds that are use to fight the war, and the unfocused attention to other matters that expedite more deaths than drugs it self that has gotten America in such a stand still in this war.

(Ts) In America we promote a no drug policy while promoting other forms of drug while fight a war against drugs. (Ps) America promotes a no drug policy. (Ss) There is alot of campaign out in the public that promotes a no drug policy in America. (Ss) Drugs.com, who airs television aids, displays the consequences of drug use in everyday situations. (Ss) They have an aid where a young man visits a grave site of his little brother who was killed in a car accident by a person who was under the influence of drugs. (Ss) That person is his big brother, which is the same young man that is visiting the grave site. (Ps) America advocates other drug as acceptable in society. (Ss) We have cigarettes that can be purchase legally by an eighteen year old; which is the number one gateway drug in the world (Smoke.com). (Ss) Long term uses of cigarettes can cause lung cancer, emphysema, coronary artery disease to name a few (Smoke.com). (Ps) America is a hypocrite in this war on drugs. (Ss) “The problem with the War on Drugs is that it’s demonizes an activity that out society also glorifies. We cannot fight a war that we perpetuate and promote (Garcia, War and Hypocrisy).” (Ss) “America’s War on Drugs is based on a hypocritical premise a false distinction between the illegal drug user and the average beer drinker. Alcohol is also a drug (Garcia, War and Hypocrisy).” (Es) America needs to fight this war on drugs rather than itself.

(Ts) America is spending tons of money on the enforcement on drugs, rather then spending on ways to prevent the use of drugs. (Ps) America spends a lot of money on enforcing it’s laws in the war on drugs. (Ss) “Our nation spent about $18 billion and arrested 1.5 million people implementing it’s national anti drug policy over the last year (Garcia, War and Hypocrisy).” (Ss) “Thirty percent of the people in prison are imprisoned on drug charges (Againstdrugs.com).” (Ss) If we take that thirty percent and put the average cost of imprisonment (0k a year), that would be a lot of money that is spent on crimes that are not as important as true criminals. (Ps) America should spend the funds allocated for the war on drug to prevention of drug use. (Ss) “$18 billion was spent last year. Most of that money and manpower was wasted. Most of that money has been far better spent on drug and alcohol rehabilitation and prevention programs. I’m not even counting the billions spent annually to keep convicted non violent drug offenders in jail (Garcia, War and Hypocrisy).” (Ss) During the President Reagan years, 85% of high school student said that they have access to marijuana. To the present years that percentage is still the same, we are not promoting prevention of drugs even to our young (Drugfacts.com). (Ps) The cost to actually stopping this war is too great of a cost to focus on. (Ss) Our nation has used about $18 billion dollars to try to stop this war on drugs. (Ss) Marijuana sales from last year grossed an amazing $5 billion dollars compared to America’s number crop which is wheat which only grosses $5 billion dollars last year (Drugfacts.com). (Ss) We consume wheat and people smoke marijuana, but that statistic states that we smoke five times more marijuana than we consume one serving of wheat. (Es) We cannot stop a drug war that makes more money than we spend on enforcing the war.

(Ts) We are fighting a war against a drug that doesn’t do as much harm versus alcohol, cigarettes, or pharmaceutical medicines. (Ps) Illegal drug usage does alter a person’s judgment, but it doesn’t cause a large amount of deaths. (Ss) July, 00 BBSNEWS release a chart of the United States Recreational drug uses, which states that only 1,10 cases of death are linked to drug uses (Bbsnews.net/drug-deaths.html). (Ss) Marijuana didn’t cause any deaths in America during the year 00. (Ss) The total amount of deaths in one year by drug can be compared to 1/ of the population that we have here in Elk Grove, Ca (5,84 population). (Ps) Legal drugs such as alcohol, cigarettes, and medicines are promoted in society, but is the real drug killer of America. (SS) Alcohol, tobacco, and Pharmaceutical medicine combined together to take the lives of 68,0 Americans (Bbsnews.net). (Ss) That number of deaths towers over the total population of the city of Sacramento, Ca (407,018 population) by 1 and a half times (Sacramento.areaconnect.com). (Ss) Total Alcohol related accident account for 40% of the accidents in California; total accidents are 56 in 00 (Mothers against Drunk Driving). (Ps) Legal Drug kills more lives than illegal drug use. (Ss) If we took the prior statistics on drug death and compared the two together, we can start to see scary things happen. (Ss) America can use illegal drugs for 1 years before it can come close to the death totals of legal drug use. (Ss) America is using most of it’s manpower and money to fight a war that kills 1/1 of the totals of legal drugs. (Es) Illegal and legal drugs kills’ people, but the one we should worry about is the one that we can buy at our local grocery store.

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(Ts) America is fight an inefficient war on drugs, America should be at war with itself for it’s promotion of drugs, it’s costly spending, and the unrecognizable death counts of legalized drugs. (Ps) America needs to find another answer to the drug problem. (Ss) The war cannot be promoted while we promote the use of other drugs. (Ss) Spending on a war to enforce the drug policy, when we should try to advocate and rehabilitate the drug use. (Ss) While enforcing the drug policy, we have overlooked a more dangerous enemy by the name of legalized drugs. (Ps) I’m not here to tell Americans that the answer to the drug war is legalization of drugs, this is not the answer. (Ss) All drug do affective your judgment and health. (Ss) Drugs kill regardless of it’s form. (Ss) There is no safe drug. (Es) I’m here to tell the people of America that we should rethink our battle plan, it’s doesn’t work; that we should make the focus to say No to all drugs.

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