Friday, April 6, 2012

Why a Graduate Degree

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As we approach the era of technology, educated people who know and use technology will lead those who do not know. Our challenge will be to amass as much education and technology as we can, so that we may assume leadership roles of tomorrow. The MBA is probably the most recognized diploma anywhere in the world. One of the greater advantages of the MBA is that it allows us to work where we really want to and credits you as a professional of great knowledge.

Obtaining your graduate degree is more than just a good idea, because a masters degree can only enhance your career, in whatever field you have chosen. Your marketability and profitability will increase, as will your prospects for major contributions to your field and for leadership responsibilities. Preparing today for an advanced degree will enable you to join the leaders of tomorrow. The workload might be heavy, but the rewards of graduate study are considerable and lasting. Getting a graduate degree can inculcate disciplines and schemes in the way we confront problems and handle decisions. In the long run, your graduate degree will open many exciting doors for further success in life pursuits. Graduate degrees mean more opportunities for personal achievement in virtually any organization business, education, government, etc.

A MBA program is for many a key to success, the true option to accede in the highest managerial positions. After two years of study, a new tool is obtained, if taken advantage it can be very valuable in the labor market. The MBA can be considered like an investment tool and bring an immense yield. I decided to obtain a MBA degree because it allows me to develop new lines of work in internal logistics, generate strategy in different markets around the world, and adapt to the changing surrounding from competitors. For that reason I chose this specialty, not only to have technical tools, but also to develop abilities that allow me to make a difference in terms of leadership, innovation, commitment and working as a team.

People get their MBAs for a variety of reasons. Some want to switch careers. Some want a better chance at the next promotion. Some do it because their bosses asked them to. Others do it for learning and knowledge. Ask any MBA students or graduates, it is usually a combination of some or all of the above. Most do it because they want to get somewhere or be somebody. They are driven; they have an objective to achieve within time frame. Thats fair. But ... thinking that an MBA degree will be your magic ticket that opens locked doors, you may be in for bit of disappointment. Nope, you cant open doors by chanting M-B-A like you do open sesame Much of this door opening stuff depends more on your personal capability, experience and even character. From what I have been hearing and reading, Honduran employers still value experience. In any bid for that top job or career, this thing called MBA will probably give you that extra edge. An MBA is not for everyone, and sure, the opportunity costs are great and the short-term career prospects uncertain. For example Bill Gates did not have a MBA, didn’t even finish his university studies and is the most influential men in the enterprise level. But in my opinion, it is an investment that most often continues paying dividends.

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