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Compaire and contrast

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Nickee Ullman

English 0

My Favorite Place to Visit

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Write my Essay on Compaire and contrast for me

The waves crash along the shores of Chatham, Massachusetts, as I sit in the beating sun on the crowded beach. The sand is not only hot, but feels amazing in between my bare toes. The ocean, the amazing people, and daytime whale watching trips, have influenced my decision to travel to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, each summer. They have also attributed to making Cape Cod my favorite place to vacation.

The air is clear, except for the faint aroma of salt water. The smell of the salt water can be smelled at any location during your trip to the area. You can even smell the aroma of salt water in your sleep. I walk along the beach, while the hot sun beats down on my porcelain skin, and the sand flows beneath my feet. I was born to be near the beach. When I was a small child, we vacationed to Cape Cod, year after year. I never imagined I would be continuing the ritual as an adult. No matter where I am on earth, all I have to do is close my eyes and I can hear the seagulls calling out to the children playing in the sand. I can hear the sound of the waves crashing along the shore, and the cool ocean breeze sweeps through my hair, heaving me breathless.

The people who live and work in Cape Cod, are unique and diverse in their overall appearance, culture, and language. People from all over Europe travel to work in the hospitality field. They find themselves becoming waiters, waitresses, housekeepers, sales associates in the quaint gift shops, or working for touring companies. At the area’s largest beach Nausset Beach, there is a food stand that people all over the world say is the best food at the beach. Two shiny redheaded girls worked there every summer since I was a child. The two of them with their sun kissed skin, sparkling blue eyes, and gorgeous smiles intrigued me. To top everything off they had the most magnificent accents, that when I listened closely to their words, I would wander into a place of beautiful mosques, museums, and scenic landscapes, that would take your breath away. I imagine the two red heads, walking me through the center of their city giving me a tour, and explaining what certain buildings are for, and where they shop for the things they need.

Whale watching is one of the many things you must do while visiting the area. Seeing these majestic giants rise from the deep, and nuzzle alongside the whale watching boat, is for many, the most memorable event of their vacation. If you talk to anyone who has gone, you’ll hear that a whale-watching excursion is a very thrilling adventure. Whale watching crews leave regularly from Plymouth, Barnstable, and Provincetown, and head up the coast of Massachusetts. Most companies guarantee a sighting, depending on the trip length and departure point. During your trip you get the chance to be on one of their videos, that by the end of the trip are ready for purchase. Perhaps during your whale watching tour, you’ll see whales breaching, or diving. Whale oil was used to make candle soap and crayons. Back in older times, whale skin was used for shoelaces, saddles, and more back in older times. It is now against the law to use any part of whales to make products, although people still make these products and market them. You can really only visit the area for whale watching during the summers because when the water gets too cold, the whales migrate to Georgia and Florida for the warm water. The water is ice cold to the touch, even numbing.

Cape Cod offers the world of increasingly artificial inhabitants, the chance to reconnect themselves with elemental things. Walking along the shore, poking at washed-up sea-life, watching the bird’s fish in the surf, listening to the rhythm of the waves, are all things that I find life affirming and satisfyingly real. With the beach cradling your feet, the scenic views tempting your eyes and mind, and the ocean mammals waving to you from the deep cold water, there is no other place to visit except Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The area is hopping year round to suit every type of person. It will satisfy your needs, your vacation schedule, and your budget. No other place in the United States has every thing you need for a great trip with in driving distance of your home. No other place has the scenic views and the modern day conveniences, which will suit almost every traveler.

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