Thursday, May 17, 2012

Global Warming

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Global Warming

Many may not know of it, but global warming is the second most threatening thing to humans. Without realizing it, each day all of you will contribute to global warming. Weather it be from the morning when you put hairspray in your hair, or that little gum wrapper you throw on the ground because you have no pockets. These things sound minor and each of you thinks that little things such as them can’t harm the environment, but you all are terribly mistaken.

Global warming by definition is the increase of temperature of the earth’s surface. This is happening faster then needed because human activities that enhance the earth’s natural green house effect. Ever since the early 1800’s, human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels and the clearing of land have increased the amounts of heat-trapping atmospheric gasses. This is an enhanced version of the natural process called the greenhouse effect. Most of this pollution comes from cars burning gasoline, electric power plants, and industrial facilities according to the world book encyclopedia. If nothing is done to prevent global warming, terrible things will happen for our future. It causes sea levels to rise and increase the threat of flooding in low coastal areas; these areas can be densely populated - not only with people, but with many animals as well. Scientists predict that the temperature will rise anywhere from three to ten degrees within the next fifty years. These few degrees can severely damage the earth’s ecosystems. According to www.globalwarming.org, it can make animals unable to survive the new conditions forcing them to migrate north or become extinct. This cannot be done. We are killing animals and risking the lives of people all because we are being greedy. We need to prevent this terrible trend from escalating. If each of us follows one or more steps to prevention, we are all doing our part to help. You may be thinking that its only us, a small class in Wayne Hills High School, we can’t make a difference but the truth is we can. There are several steps to prevent global warming. First, we should all be resourceful and use less gas and more efficient use of electricity. Even small things such as instead of buying aerosol hairspray, buy the regular pump hairspray, can contribute. By helping out the environment out, you are helping yourself out. The prevention of warming will affect our future. Do you want your kids living in a dump? If we start now, the world will truly be a better place to live in. This place we call home with trash on the ground and pollution in the air, could be turned around to clean grounds and fresh air, with a little help from you, its up to you to make the right decision. If this careless killing and damage to our earth bothers you as much as it bothers me, then call the INTERNATIONAL OZONE ASSOCIATION at 1-0-48-54.

Global warming is a big threat to our nation and the world. If we do not act now, it may be too late. Of course, there is no sure way of telling if there is actually a greenhouse effect, but we should not take any chances. Look at what is happening to this world, and you will see that there is a pollution problem. There are steps being taken at this moment to reduce the gases put into the air, but it still is not enough. We need to cut back more by taking a few easy steps. Plant a tree, or take a bus or carpool to work instead of driving your own car. Those things may not seem like a lot, but if more and more people do it, it will make a difference.

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