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Industrial Revolution - Yesterday and Today

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When September 11th took place, many Americans were bemused as to where such hatred originated. In the following months, Americans found themselves stuck in an ongoing study of the Middle East and the resentment towards America. I remember hearing many furious people discuss propaganda used in Middle Eastern schools. Between thousands of books published, newspaper articles written, and TV programs shown about the Middle East, Americans were informed that in the schools of the Middle East, they were portrayed as greedy, wasteful, self-centered people with more money than they knew what to do with. Despite this propaganda label, is this description that far from the truth? The word extravagance comes to mind. Perhaps the description is a little extreme, however, there is no doubt in my mind that Americans live beyond their means.

While material wealth is highly praised in America, only a few thousand miles away in third-world countries people are hardly subsisting. Children, some as young as eight years old, are working in factories around the world for wages that barely contribute to their familys struggle for survival. What is wrong with this picture? I would rather pay much more for things such as clothes, shoes, and electronic equipment knowing that the wages and conditions of workers in poor countries would improve than have the current situation continue. I believe this choice would best benefit the world in terms of restricting our extravagance, treating others humanely, and helping the world advance as a whole.

As previously mentioned, if you took the time to observe Americans and the way we live, you would more than likely discover that we are living a blessed life. Nearly every American has a house, job, car, and access to food whenever needed. Americans also have many extra things. Between TVs, computers, and radios, how much electronic equipment do Americans really need? The same goes for things such as clothes. On the whole, Americans tend to be very materialistic. Its amazing to think how differently people live in third-world countries. Personally, Id be willing to sacrifice these extra things if I knew doing so would help improve the wages and conditions of suffering workers. While having one or two fewer outfits to wear, or perhaps not having four TVs in my house, may not greatly affect my life, I know that it would have a huge impact on the lives of those struggling to survive. A quote in Mr. Ottos room sums up my thoughts in this particular area

Live simply so that others may simply live.

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A second reason why I support this idea is because, in doing so, Id be advocating the humane treatment of others. Why should these workers, being of the same species as myself, living on the same earth, at the same time be treated so poorly? We are all human beings and deserve the same right to live a satisfying life, regardless of what government under which we live. By not supporting this idea, it would be like saying my well being is more important than that of others. Some people may think that this is just the way things are, but that is no excuse for not standing up to a process that is totally wrong. How can someone believe that there is nothing to be fixed when one American family can spend $,000 on a big-screen TV while another family across the globe, having literally nothing, lives in a grass hut and works for $1 a day? By ignoring this issue, we arent supporting the idea that everyone deserves to be treated humanely. We need to break this deadly hierarchy before its too late.

A third reason for choosing to pay more for goods and improve these workers lives would be to help this world advance as a whole. We - the human species as a whole - need to reevaluate our morals. If greed and self-centeredness preside over generosity and empathy, then how are we ever going to be able to advance as a whole? A great schism is being created as a result of the way we are living. The rich keep getting richer, and the poor poorer, but when will it end? How rich can one person get? How poor must a person become before he or she can no longer subsist? These are serious questions that need to be considered. We may be more technologically advanced than ever before, but of what use are these advances if we cant even provide the population with the basic commodities needed for survival? Our priorities are wayward, and need to be focused upon those who are in need the most. Workers in third-world countries are at the top of this list.

Though ideally Id like to say that this change wouldn’t have a big effect on American life, I know that some people would find this change outrageous. The Constitution, with all its parts discussing the freedoms and privileges that define us as a nation, would be quoted, and many people would proclaim the right to the American Dream. However, I dont believe the American Dream ever involved living luxuriously and lavishly while others hardly live at all. If somehow Americans were able to transform their ways, the overall change in life would not be extremely dramatic. Perhaps the amount of material possessions would decrease, but that does not mean that the quality of life would be any less. If that were the case, then there would have to be a reevaluation of material wealth and how much importance we place on it. In the end, a small sacrifice could make a huge difference in the lives of others. That is why, if given the opportunity, I would be willing to pay more for goods if it meant that the wages and conditions of workers would improve in poor countries. I would be willing to live simply, so that others may simply live.

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