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The Wedding Day: A Remembered Event

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I was raised by my uncle and my aunt. In my family they are called “Tia” and “Tio” by the nieces and nephews. Well, my Tio is a preacher and usually I don’t like to let people know that. I hate when they call me a preacher’s kid. On August 08, 00 I was thrilled about the fact that my Tio was a preacher. Why? He was going to perform my wedding ceremony.

As I looked through the glass window of the cry room out into the church, everything seemed ready. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Lining the pews were yards and yards of soft satin ribbon with bows of blue and bouquets of white orchids. Awaiting at the front of the room was an archway covered in greenery and more orchids. The touch I had dreamed about since I could dream, was there. Hundreds of whisperingly lit candles set off a romantic glow to the usually plain and normal church.

My Tia had tried so hard to make today perfect for me. When I had announced I was getting married, everyone had warned that the planning would be a disaster. They said that my Tia and I would disagree on everything. They promised I would wish I had eloped by the time it was all done. However, from the first mention of wedding bells to the last shower given, we had just had loads of fun. Though I was overjoyed the day was finally here, I was a little gloomy about the fact that it would soon be over. I know that the fun we had shared was unique and I wasn’t ready to end it.

“ No, no tears. I’m not going to cry, I said out loud to myself as I tried to brush off the sad thoughts.

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I peeked out from the window and spotted my Tio giving something to my Tia. I began to wonder what it was. It looked like a bible but it was his regular Sunday one. I knew he was going to do something I didn’t know about.

Tio isn’t what you would call “hardheaded”, but he was a real “ stickler” when it comes to rules. I had learned early on to go first to Tia. Still, I knew that Tio loved both me and my brother, Gilberto. We respect him and his position in the church. As I watch him move along the aisles, I can remember camping trips we use to take. He could live in a tent for a week in the rain but couldn’t stand for one book to be out of place at home or in his office. “That’s my Tio,” I chuckled softly under my breath.

Just then the clock seemed to grow and jump right off the wall. It was already two o’clock and time for the wedding.

My best friend Sara popped in. “It’s time,” she said merrily.

“Just a minute,” I informed her.

Sara shut the door and I prayed, “ Dear God, be with me today. This will be hard for Tio so, be with him especially. Amen.”

There was a knock at the door and Tio gently pushed it open. “Ready , sweetheart?” he asked. I took a deep breath as the music filled the church. “ I’ m ready Tio,” I said as I gathered my bouquet. I took a last glance in the mirror and then walked over to join Tio. I was about to take the walk I had dreamed of since I was a little girl.

Arm in arm we walked to the back of the church. The crowd was still watching the flower girl and ring bearer. I was glad they hadn’t noticed me yet. I looked at Tio and he was nervous. I could tell because he was swaying. Back and forth on his heels. He always sways when he’s nervous. I wanted to kiss him on the cheek but I knew he would start to cry, so I decided to wait.

It was time for the walk. Tio placed his hand on my arm and nudged me forward. Everyone was standing. “So this is what it feels like,” I thought to myself. “ There’s Heather and Mark. Wow, Miss Miller came. There’s Grandma. She looks great. There’s Tia. Please don’t cry. We talked about this. You look beautiful.”

I couldn’t believe I was actually able to think. Everything was so clear. I was glad, though. I wanted to remember every little detail. My friends in their dresses down to the very last pearl drop earring. The groomsmen were so handsome. I had to admit they were a pretty impressive wedding party.

Then as my eyes met Jose’s, I knew he was perfect for me. He looked as if his chest was going to pop open. I remember thinking he was the most wonderful man I had ever met since my Tio.

Then It was over. The walk was over, and now we stood at the front of the church. Tia handed a Bible to Tio and together they gave me away. T6hen we turned and faced the room full of people who had come to share the day with us.

As we said our vows I realized that this was it. From now on my life would be inter twined with Jose’s. That last walk with my Tio was my walk away from him and from being his little girl. I was now married and a woman.

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