Thursday, May 31, 2012

What causes decline in athletes?

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What Causes Decline in Athletes?

Athletes of today would love to play their sport forever. However, as e know this is quite impossible. Many things can lead to the decline in an athlete. The use of drugs off the field, injuries, and sickness or disease are all possible ways for decline in an athlete.

The use of drugs has affected many athletes in the past. Whether it is steroids or other performance enhancers, drug use will always bring an athlete down. Even though they might feel really good when they first start to take it, it will always lead to worse outcomes in the long run. Many athletes think they can just use steroids as much as they want and get really strong. Even though their body gets stronger, it is also weakening at the same time. Studies have shown that the use of steroids can lead to heart problems. The desire to be strong is not worth dying for.

Injuries play a big role in an athlete. In one split



second a person can go from an all-american football player to a bum with no money. Injuries can kill a person’s dream in an

instant. For instance, if a professional football player has had many great seasons in the past. Then, one game he tears his ACL. More than likely he will never be at his full potential again. He may recover well, but the injury will bother him for years down the road. The bad thing about it, you can’t prevent injuries. You can choose not to take perfromance enhancing drugs, but injuries could happen at any time. I believe injuries are the leading cause in the decline of any athlete.

In some cases sickness or disease can force an athlete to stop playing the game they love. AIDS plays a big part in some cases. Take Magic Johnson for example. He was one of the greatest basketball player of all time. But, he developed the HIV virus. He was unable to play ever again. Disease and sickness are the least cause of decline in an athlete in my opinion, but it is still a very serious thing.

Whether it is drugs, injuries, or disease, athletes will never be able to play sports forever. Something will always happen to either force them not to play anymore or in some cases they have just lost the love for the game. Even though


age does play a huge role in the decline in an athlete, I believe the drug use, injuries and disease equal that of age. No one has ever played their whole life and no one ever will. Everyone must be prepared for the unexpected thing to happen. If there is ever a way to prevent drugs, injuries, and disease, athletes still would never last forever.

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