Friday, May 4, 2012

Why you should maintain oral hygiene

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Taking care of your teeth is a big factor in keeping the rest of your body in good shape. Many people overlook this, and figure that your mouth has nothing to do with the effects on the rest of your body, but it does.

Not brushing and flossing everyday can cause bacteria to build up in the mouth. This leads to plaque damage on the enamel of teeth, and can cause cavities, and gingivitis. Bacterial buildup also causes bad breath. Flossing once a day and brushing at least twice a day can greatly reduce your chances for getting the problems mentioned above.

Think about it, you chew up your food, millions of bacteria become one with it, then you swallow it. You are swallowing millions of bacteria, both good and bad, and it is going to all different parts of the body. Having harmful bacteria in your mouth, due to bad oral hygiene, can affect the stomach, kidneys, intestinal tract, liver, blood stream, heart, and throat. To be more specific, it can lead to rhuematic arthritis, heart failure, kidney disease, intestinal diseases, and many types of skin cancer.

Dentists recommend that brushing after eating is the best bet, not only does it clear out remaining food that bacteria thrives on, but it also makes your breath fresher. Flossing removes tartar and plaque buildup between teeth, and makes the gums healthier.

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Remember all these things, and you will live longer. Its proven! So when you are at home, remember to brush after each meal, floss, and consider the side affects of not doing either one. It can literally cost you your life.

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