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• I wish they would only take me as I am.

With the constant misleading conceptions of humanity today, it is difficult to be ones self and still be respected by the community and not isolated for being an individual. Mentally, the impact of society’s presumptions can be costly and frightful, not to mention cause a lot of damage. confronted with the mental impact and control the world around really has. Humanity, is such, that it pressures Marian to feel that her major role in life is to marry, remain domesticated, and procreate. The increasing pressure to conform to societies stereotypes of women are causing Marian to feel that piece by piece, she is being consumed.

Social Deviance Social deviance stems from the passive-aggressive attitudes parents have upon their children. This pressure, coupled with society’s own conformist attitude, causes certain members of the society to drift toward what sociologists call deviant groups. These deviant groups, like punk

Andrew Worthington Conformity Conformity the state of having changed yourself to match the appearances and/or personalities of those around you. In many cases, people feel the need to conform because they wish to feel a part of something bigger than them. This is unfortunate however,


We belong to an era, when we are able to look back and see the numerous success stories which have unfolded in different parts of the world. There are many examples to support the very statement that No one can possibly achieve success in the world by conforming to conventional practices and conventional ways of thinking. There are number of success stories that have weaved through time, where there has been forthright criticism along with a passionate fondness for certain an object. Einstein- He was one of the small group people in any epoch who remake the world through a special gift, a talent for perceiving old things in new ways, There are also studies to illustrate informational influence. One such study is that of Sherif (15) who used a stationary spot of light that appears to move when in an otherwise dark room. Subjects were asked individually how far they thought the light had moved. There were wide differences between participants’ answers. After hearing what other subjects had said, estimates became more alike and a group norm developed. Participants had automatically used others’ estimates for reference. Another more everyday example of informational influence is that of a religion or cult group where members truly believe what the group is saying and conform accordingly.

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