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Unpaid Professionals

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After reading chapter I of the text I found myself very angry at the way this book is written. My immediate thoughts are that the author is trying to be sensationalist about college athletics for what reason I do not know. I dont know how a book supposed to be about a broad picture of college athletes has boiled down to infractions of some institutions and stories of the crew teams from Harvard and Yale but so far I find it unfortunate.

The United States Department of Education states there are nearly 4,000 degree granting institutions in the United States and according to the NCAA website there are only 117 division I-A, 1 division I-AA and 86 division I-AAA schools for a total of 6 Division I schools.

The books discussions mention nothing of a working system and never give examples of how someone who never would have gone to college now has a degree because that person was given an opportunity through athletics. Yes I know there are numerous examples of division I schools making huge mistakes and doing a lot bad things because of money. But you cant write a book talking about all the negatives of college athletics and not give a balanced perspective.

There are 68 NCAA division II and III schools, over 00 NAIA schools and 110 NCCAA (National Christian College Athletic Association) schools who for the most part are not being seen on TV, who are not breaking all the rules and are turning out leaders for our society.


I will not succumb to the alarmist feeling that college athletics are spinning out of control. I work at a college everyday and with coaches who are not the pieces of crap that they are made out to be in this book. I will not believe that the majority of professional faculty members help out athletes when they are undeserving of certain grades.

I choose to view this issue in the glass is half full scenario not the view that Division I schools who make up only 8.15% of the degree granting institutions in the US is an accurate representation of college athletics and the treatment of athletes as a whole.

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