Monday, June 18, 2012

What is an Athletic Trainer?

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In 10, the American Medical Association finally recognized athletic training as an

official allied health care profession. However, for as long as athletic trainers have been around,

their role as professionals, recognized or not, have been of great importance in many different



The roles and responsibilities of an athletic trainer have been unclear to the general public

because of our underplayed role in society. While many people may not have recognized the

importance of the athletic trainers, the people truly involved or employed in this field, the athletic

trainers themselves, have always known just how much responsibility we hold in the medical

field and to the people we help. Athletic training is one of the most broad and versatile health

professions in the country today. Our roles and responsibilities are numerous, our available work

settings are plentiful, and the people we are willing and able to help are quite eclectic in nature.

We do not limit ourselves to any one grouping of people, and contrary to popular belief, we do

not only work with athletes.

Athletic trainers are required to have at least a bachelors degree in a related field but most

athletic trainers, around 70%, have advanced degrees. Because of this field’s growing

competitiveness, many employers expect a candidate for an athletic training position to have a

higher degree in a related field, and once the job is obtained, is often required to continue their

education in a medically related field. Also, a graduated athletic training student must have

passed a national certification exam in order to work or practice in the field. It is a

comprehensive exam testing the student on their entire knowledge of the athletic training field,

related fields, and their roles and responsibilities as an athletic trainer. Often emphasized are

topics including anatomy, physiology, assessment and rehabilitation of injuries, nutrition,

emergency care, strength and conditioning, and fitness and wellness.

It is obvious from the above topics mentioned, that the job of an athletic trainer is not to

be taken lightly. They have many responsibilities in many different settings that directly involve

people or patients, and because of this, are all taken very seriously. Depending on where the

athletic trainer works may alter the specific duties that the ATC (certified athletic trainer) is

responsible for. Some settings seem obvious in regards to athletic training, such as professional,

collegiate, high school and middle school sports. But those are only the crust of all the different

types of places an ATC is needed. Other settings include sports medicine clinics, hospital

emergency rooms, rehabilitation clinics, occupational settings, fitness centers, and even physician

offices. In each setting the role of the ATC may change a small amount, but generally, all ATCs

are responsible for the same jobs.

According to the article Certified Athletic Trainers Providing Value Added Services the

Enhance Practice Revenues, an athletic trainer is a medical professional who “specializes in the

prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries to athletes and others who are

engaged in everyday physical activity.” Basically, athletic trainers are responsible for the health

and well-being of the athletes and active people in their care. This could include anything from

educating a small girl on what type of running shoes to wear to providing rehabilitation for a

professional athlete who has had surgery after tearing his rotator cuff. The responsibilities do not

stop there either. ATCs are responsible for the immediate care of an injured person, along with

the assessment and rehabilitation of the injuries they treat. While they cannot diagnose an injury,

they are responsible for informing a physician as to what happened and what the problem could

possibly be. They are able to answer patient questions about injuries, assist a physician in patient

treatment, schedule (but not request or order) special tests and procedures (such as X-Rays,

MRIs), and supervise or administer gait training, crutch fitting, orthotics, and therapeutic

exercise. While any allied health profession is important to the medical field, it is evident that

athletic training is a broad yet highly necessary field in all aspects.

While others in the allied health professions focus on the treatment of the patients, ATCs

are unique in combining treatment with a direct focus on education and prevention of injuries.

ATCs have a more broad treatment and care application than any of the other fields, and

therefore far more roles and responsibilities. Needless to say, athletic training is more than

deserving of the official recognition by the AMA as an allied health profession.

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