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George and Lennie(of mice and men)

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George and Lennie’s relationship

The novel “Of Mice and Men”, written by John Steinbeck, has two main characters, Lennie and George share a life long relationship. This is a relationship of duty and loyalty, one where George is like a parent, or master some may say, although George seems to abuse and use this relationship.

Lennie is a ogre, but within he is a kid trapped in by chains, and his mind is locked up because of fear and stupidity, for this reason George must act like a parent. Constantly lennie is asking George about life and where it will go and where it has been. George controls lennie, scolds him when he has done something wrong, when lennie drank straight from the pool of water George got angry with him. Lennie had a dead mouse in his pocket because he cannot stop his hands from touching soft things, George got angry with him. George makes sure lennie is straight, by holding onto things such as the work passes, If lennie had his, he would lose it. George is more like an uncle than a parent, and feels it is his duty, passed down by Aunt Clara, to take care of lennie.

Lennie loves George all the time, like the sun shining in the sky, it won’t stop; he does not know how to be mad, at anyone. However George shares a different view, though he loves lennie because of their lifelong friendship, he resents lennie. Love will always exist between these two no matter how many things Lennie can screw up, even if he loses a job in Weed, or if one of them is dead, love is eternal, the resentment will subside and the love will shine through.


Lennie’s stupidity allows George to use his beloved friend; most likely he does not realize it. George’s duty allows him to use lennie to a certain point, and blame lennie for screw ups which were the masters fault. George and lennie are alike in a way, they “dun mean ta”, lennie means no harm, George means no harm when using lennie, but he is blind to it, and love is blind.

On a deeper level, George is like a master to lennie, who would be his pet. Lennie is always shadowing George, a loyal pet, and a needy pet. George must feed him, take care of him, give him attention and play with him. George controls lennie like a dog on a leash, and when he lets him run around something goes wrong. This relationship goes both ways, lennie, just like a pet, comforts George and gives him someone to complain and tell stories too, to let loose.

The relationship that George and lennie share is a complex, life long, tired and worn out love between themselves. Though it is worn out, they keep going as a bald tire about to blow, and even after, they will run on the rims until there is nothing and nobody left.

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