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The Drama “Proof”, directed by Jane Page and written by David Auburn was one of the best plays I’ve ever watched. The story was about a little girl who inherited a lot from her father, so much that her sister and friend thought she inherited the craziness of her father. The great thing about this play was that it kept you thinking. While I was watching the play a lot of ideas came to my head on what will happened next, and they would be wrong. This play had to be watched from beginning to end to be understood. Every scene has a meaning and a surprise.

The main character in this play was Catherine (Natily Blair), a girl whose father just died after she had taken care of him for four years because he was suffering a mental illness. Before this mental illness, the father (J.R. Horne) was a professor of mathematics at the University of Chicago, and was very brilliant at it. The scene is taken place at the porch of a house near the University of Chicago. The play began the night before her father’s funeral, and she was speaking to her father, and he told her happy birthday, and also gave her some wine, and started talking about her future. He tried giving her Alternatives on how to bounce back, and start her life. The four years that she was taking care of her father, caused her to leave school and stay home with him all the time. Now the conversation between the girl and her father was a dream that the girl was having, and her father tried to leave her with at least something for her to have in mind for the future.

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At the end of the conversation the girl wakes up from a sound that a student (James Fuetterer) of her father makes. This student has always been coming to the house for her father. You can say he worships her father and her fathers work. Though the girl thinks that everything that her father ever did was bullshit she disagreed with the student. Ever since the father became sick the student whose name was Hal came and went over the fathers notebooks which were full of notes and problem solvers. Hal’s goal was to try to understand the notes and interpret them. They later fell in love but Catherine was keeping a secret which later developed in the play.

The pushy sister that Catherine had was Claire (Patricia Dalen). Claire lived in New York and came for the funeral. Claire’s belief was that her sister Catherine became crazy after all those years taking care of her father. So Claire believed it was her turn to be taken care of. So Claire tries to convince Catherine to sell the house and take her to New York where she can be taken care of by professional doctors. As all this was going on Catherine later shows Hal a notebook that was kept hidden from everyone. The notebook had consisted proof and mathematical solutions, which Hal was happy to see because he believed it solved a lot of undefined problems. It turns out that Catherine wrote it, and she did the proof. That’s when Hal and Claire thought she was crazy, because the handwriting was just like her fathers, and also she didn’t have as much education to prove that this was her work. Catherine was surprised that Hal didn’t believe her, even though she showed it to him because she knew it was important. Since Catherine was around people who didn’t believe her, she then kind of felt that she was crazy. After reviewing the work Hal was convinced that it could be Catherine, because her father didn’t date it which was a big thing in his work, and also all of Hal’s college life he went through her father’s work and never seen work like he seen in that book. Though he was in disbelieve before because he was a professor and she was a drop out, he finally came to his senses that it could be her.

What I liked the most about the play was the scenery, it was a symmetrical style stage where the left portrayed the past and the right portrayed the present. This play led me to believe that Catherine’s new intelligence was led by being around her father for all those years. Also everyone’s disbelief was understandable because she wasn’t educated enough to do so, but all this time it was inheritance. I recommend this play to anyone, it is a drama that makes you think, because it goes from present to past from scene to scene sometimes. It ends by Catherine explaining the Proof to Hal, which was very moving. I give the play five stars for its story line and the actor’s performances.

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