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The War between America and Iraq

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Nowadays, after twelve years, the second Iraq-U.S war is bound to happen. Iraq’s threats of using its nuclear power over the world, America’s attempts to prevent Iraq from doing such a terrible thing and U.S’s perminant aim at taking control of oil reserves can be given as some of the basic reasons of this war. The discussion is that whether Turkey will take place in that war as it has a very important strategic position. Considering Turkey’s economical situation of 0 years, we can say that Turkey is neither psychologically nor economically ready for this war, so now it seems the best choise for Turkey to be away from that dangerous struggle.

When we look at America’s aim at bombing Iraq, we come across personal reasons under it. As people know America has been having malice against terror organs since September 11th, 001 when U.S had an attact on World Trade Center so now America has a reason to bomb Iraq. As an example we can give a speech of President Bush in the city of Cincinati. He said “We also must never forget the most vivid events of recent history. On September 11th, 001, America felt its vulnerability... We resolved then, we are resolved today, to confront every threat, from any source, that could bring sudden terror and suffering to America.” “Over the years, Iraq has provided safe haven to terrorists such as Abu Nidal whose terror organisation carried out more than 0 terrorists attacks in 0 countries that killed or injured nearly 00 people, including twelve Americans...” From these sentences, Bush’s personal enmity can be seen against Iraq and Saddam Hüssein. The columnist of Sabah newspaper Necati Doðru had a comment like this “The results of a survey taken in 44 different countries showed that almost all the over-developed countries thought that the reason of America’s efforts of bombing Iraq was just for getting the control of Iraq’s oil reserves. Among these countries are;

Russia %76

French %75


Germany %54

England %44

Recently, Turkey is also getting some kinds of strict threats from America, as once Karl Vick, the columnist of The Washington Post, claimed that Turkey had been for along time U.S strategic ally and fellow NATO member. It was a must for him to be at the side of America and added that according to diplomats and analysts, what discouraged U.S was the government’s emphasis on the economic fallout Turkey might face because the fighting without mentioning the consequences for Turkey’s remaining sideless. Another threat is that unless Turkey assists America it is inevitable that there will be a possible Kurd Republic in the following days on Northern Iraq said Necati Doðru, the columnist of Sabah.

At the beginning Turkey had not decided whether to assist America or not. Because Muslim groups, eleven years ago, reacted the possible war then; so AKP was in a conflict between his own people and giving full support to America. As we see, the permission for U.S to use the airbases had not given by the parliment in the first vote. This was also the show of AKP’s inner conflict. But both America’s threats to stop economicall support to Turkey and stop political relations forced Turkey to do second vote. And this time America reached his goal.

Since the beginning, I have been against of this war, and still I am. Because if Turkey takes place totally in the war, he will be hurt both economically and psychologically. Lots of people will lose their lives; the railways, roads, bridges, water sources will be damaged throughout the fighting. Also the oil truckers of Turkey will lose their income. As Ýlhami Zengin said by Ilene R.Prusher “The oil truckers about 800 of whom pass through here each day- are deeply worried that an increasingly U.S- led war against Iraq could mean total destruction of their already diminished livelihood.” There is also an opinion that the possible war from an America citizen called Jeff “We wonder why our popular wartime president spends so much time talking about Saddam Hüssein while Osama bin Laden seems to have disappeared permenantly from his memory. We worry our sons and daughters who will die in a war that we secretly suspect is more about oil than weapons of mass destruction.” By saying this it is clear that even the citizens of America are against this war.

There seems to be some disadvantages of Turkey unless he does get into the war. The tourism of Turkey, for instance, can be destroyed as it has already falling compared to the past years. Secondly, Iraqi Kurds can take advantage of getting their independence against Turkey. Also Turkey can come across a new Kurdish refugee crisis, as in the Gulf War, 180 the similar thing happened says Mr. Zengin, a middle aged driver who waits to get back to Turkey.” Possibbly, when the oil reserves finish in the area both Arabics and Americans could accuse Turkey of all these bad consequences, says Necati Doðru.

Since the very beginning of the essay, we see that America is determined to bomb Iraq whether with the help of Turkey or not. As President Bush said before, Iraq is a kind of threat against them. So sooner or later they would end terrorism caused by Saddam Hüssein. Recently, Turkish daily Milliyet, veteran columnist Samin Kohen acknowledged that apart from Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, the other reason for invasion has to do with the U.S desire to take oil resources under its control ( K.Gajendra Singh, Indian Ambassador). Also once Yaman Törüner, the columnist of Sabah claimed that America’s attempt to invade Iraq is just like the Gulf War, and also in that war the aim was to get petrolium reserves. So he thinks that these two wars are similarly connected to each other. From these clues, it is clear that America’s only aim is to get oil reserves just for its own benefit even though President Bush says that America will only take control of them , not will posses. But if we turn back to history, to the Trablusgarb War, it can be compared to Greek’s requests to just control over Turkey’s 1 island which were in Africa while Turkey was fighting with Italy, but later Turkey could not get them back. And surely we can not also quarantee that America will keep its promise to pay Turkey for the damages it will have after the fighting. Because a war is like a risky game that nobody knows what will happen. It can end either positively or negatively, so Turkey can not expect neither good nor bad consequences for itself.

Now Turkey sems to be in a conflict whether to be the counterpart of America or just a watcher. But, of course, it is not the only one who will have difficulties. America will also have some disadvantages, either. He will lose money, power and so many people together. Metin Münir, the columnist of Sabah, asserts that America will come across two different risks in the future though he beats Saddam Hüssein. One is a possible nuclear war between America and Iraq; and the other is the destruction of Gulf petrolium by Saddam Hüssein then.

Taking everything into account, it can be said that America is preparing himself to a new war, Turkey is in conflict and Iraq is in danger. For what? Just for petrolium. These reserves , may be, make the ones who own them more powerful and richer but it can not be worthier than human life as in a possible war so many people will lose their lives. What Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Turkish President in 0th century, said once is that “Peace in the country and peace in the whole universe.” It will be better for the world to keep that promise in order to be richer in heart not in purse.

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