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My passion for shopping and love of clothes has motivate me to go to college and major in business and technologies, so that one day I can open my own boutique, or shop. It is my hope that my education and own personal style will help me achieve this goal, and make my dreams come true.

The first step in starting a business is location. They say that business is about three things, location, location, location. In my opinion an ideal location for a retail store is a place that is already known for its retail selection. Rodeo Drive in Hollywood and Newbury Street in Boston would be prime examples of this. With a valuable retail location come some benefits and some setbacks. For example, a major setback is the rent. Prime real-estate will take major capital, but in the long run it will make up for itself in the amount of foot traffic available. I can’t expect to get rich because of the location, but there will hopefully be constant cash flow to cover cost of business.

My experience as a shopper over the last five years of my life has opened my eyes. It helped me see that marketing and advertising companies have been able to convince consumers that they need certain articles of clothing to make them feel good about themselves. Most woman have the need to feel sexy, and I would strive to capitalize on that need. I would carry brands of clothing that already have their own marketing such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, and Ralph Lauren. Name recognition is key. You can’t buy a fashion magazine without seeing advertisements for these designer names. Not only that, most consumers purchase a brand of product because they’re familiar with it.

Upon the opening of my boutique I will emphasize how trendy the clothes are. It will be the most cutting edge and up to date looks. The shop will cater to both men and women whether they want an outfit for work, cocktail party or even a night out on the town. There will be varieties to choose from.

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All customers no matter their appearance will be treated the same. Looks can be deceiving. Some people may not look like they have money , but it may be the other way around. Customer service is very important. Not only do you build your reputation on good grounds but word of mouth spreads fast. If you are helpful to all customers then you’re bound to get them to come back in again and they may bring a friend or two along as well.

Through my vast experience as a shopper, and what I intend to get out of my college experience, I feel that I will have a good chance at being a successful entrepreneur. As well as a pillar of the local fashion community. These goals may seem far fetched to some but that’s what dreams are made of.

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