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Education Rita

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“ Character “

Willy Russell portrays both the power and the pitfalls of knowledge in Educating Rita unbelievably well. As the story progresses, one may find it fascinating to analyse the two main characters of the play, Frank and Rita. In quite a number of ways they are similar. In many ways they are different as well.

Throughout the beginning passages, it becomes clear of Frank and Rita’s yearning for that which they do not have. In Frank’s case, it can be imagined that he is in search of an adequate partner or companion to share his life with. He is lonely and depressed; thus, giving him reason to resort to alcoholism. “It’s myself I’m not too fond of,” says Frank on page . The greed for power through knowledge is seen as very obvious with Rita’s statements. In response to the question of what she would like to know, she answers, “Everything,” � page 6. They both simply want to obtain happiness, in their own personal and enigmatic way.

Identities are slowly revealed as one begins to understand the nature of the two’s problems. Suppressed feelings are lit ablaze more and more as the days go by. Evasion results in anger, which then leads to many unnecessary conflicts. Frank and Rita, like many others in the world today, are merely afraid of the mysterious entity of powerlessness.


Perseverance and determination divide the two apart. Rita still wishes to venture further into the unfathomable depths of life, whilst Frank seems as though he has had enough of it all. Because of Rita’s striving personality, she is somewhat able to achieve her goals. She says on page 5, “You’ve got to challenge death and disease.” Conquered by despair, Frank wallows in self-pity and emotionally regresses instead.

Here, change is inevitable. Nearing the end of the play, one can distinctly see the true difference between the two characters. From a complex and complicated literature professor, Frank evolves into a man searching for simplicity. Rita, however, finds herself amidst the struggles and challenges of the power of the knowledge that she has gained. In essence, they have merely fed off of one another, teaching the other to see the opposite side of life.

A most interesting conveyance of human personality, desires, and illusions is etched in clarity all throughout this remarkable play. To the mind of any zealous reader, one may begin to understand the fact that life is not a product of conditions, but of decisions. Despite all the knowledge and power on earth, without the wisdom to use it properly, nothing shall ever be attained.

Willy Russell’s Educating Rita teaches you that character is what you are in the dark.

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