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The Bad Sister by Emma Tennant shows how society can alienate certain individuals, while accepting others based merely on opinion. Such is the case with Eliza Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde. During the meeting at Robina Sandel’s home, there were good and bad opinions of both these women. It was stated that Eliza Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde were “barely known to anyone present” (Tennant, ). Because of this, it is clear that the women of the meeting were being very judgmental in their accusations. Their opinions, and not much factual evidence, determined what was monstrous, and thus excluded from society. This created a false construct of reality, because it could have been argued that Eliza Jekyll was the real “monster.” Because that was not the dominant view, it was of no importance to the women.

First, during the women’s meeting, Mara described Eliza Jekyll as “the kind of woman that gives women a bad name” (Tennant, 4). She accused her of “pretending [she] cares for equality and other old fashioned concepts” (Tennant, 4). The other woman in the group did not agree. For example, Monica Purves said that Eliza was “a woman achieving in the world without losing her basic feeling of compassion towards humanity” (Tennant,4). In addition, Mara’s opinion was further discredited as Carol Hill spoke highly of Eliza’s personality (Tennant, 5). Because the other women in the group did not agree with Mara, her opinion was practically null and void. In fact, Mara was probably considered a nonconformist because she held different views. Being a nonconformist in society has the ability to make a person monstrous. This means that a person with a different opinion can be seen as monstrous even if the person does not have the appearance of a monster. The actual way of thinking can cause a person to be an outcast. The fact that these women viewed Eliza as a well-respected woman was powerful enough for Mara to be considered as an “outsider” and Eliza as a good person. If a person does not go along with the group, it is difficult for them to be part of that group.

When the subject of Mrs. Hyde came up, the women’s opinions greatly differed from their opinions of Eliza Jekyll. Although Mara defended Mrs. Hyde, her opinion was once again in the minority and not even considered (Tennant, 8). Several of the women saw Mrs. Hyde as “monstrous.” According to Tilda, “Mrs. Hyde had frightened her” (Tennant, 7). They viewed her as a nonconformist as well. For example, the way in which she dressed was unacceptable. “For she wore nothing, it was true, under the diaphanous white plastic” (Tennant, 1). Her economic status also made her “different” from the other women. Carol Hill heard that “Mrs. Hyde [was] shortly to be evicted from her premises in Ladbroke Grove” (Tennant, ). Mrs. Hyde was considered ugly above all, which made her an outcast as well. The views that the women had about Mrs. Hyde were strong enough for Mrs. Hyde to never be accepted in their circle. Never did they take into account that Mrs. Hyde, as well as Mara, were trying to avenge the women by going after the rapist (Tennant, 7). Although this was not common behavior for women, it was obvious that their intentions were good. The behavior outweighed the intention, however, and determined that Mara and Mrs. Hyde were “monstrous.”

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From the opinions of the women at the meeting, it is clear that monstrosity is a label given to members of a society that don’t quite “fit in.” It does not matter who is right or wrong; it only matters what the construct of reality is for the majority. Different thoughts, behaviors, or appearances, can work together or separately in pointing out who is monstrous or not in society.

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