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theather experience

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Being part of the theatrical world, you tend to face many good, bad, and interesting experiences. There are times where shows have been cancelled or postponed because of these circumstances. In this theater world when a situation such as these occurs, actors and the show tend to loss some type of chemistry. This illustration of devastation almost occurred in the boring production of Leather face.

There is no need to explain how boring this production was because I will just be boring you. The schedule comes out for the students who were part of the costume crew. I was not satisfied with this schedule so I made some switches with some other students.

Leather face was a bloody mess. Fake blood was scattered throughout the stage; on the walls, clothing, and bed, everywhere. So laundry had to done after every performance. It was done every morning and arrived in the theater about an hour and half before production. Job description sounds easy. Right!

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Some irresponsible student, such as me, forgot some important thing. So, I get phone call a half hour before production asking “where the hell you at.” I should of never switch schedules. I was in Huntington Beach look for an apartment. Immediately I hopped on the freeway and i am stuck in traffic. Surprising right! I still needed to go to school, pick up the laundry, and drive to the Edison. So I receive a phone call telling me just to go to the Edison. The teacher will take care of it.

I finally arrive five minutes before the show started. Thanks God, the stage was ready. I was really concerned about the actors. They thought it was pretty funny. This is where it gets better.

The teacher that picked up the laundry walks in the room that I was in. The meanest and ugliest looking face, it seemed as leather face got to her before she got to me. She wanted to discuss what had happened. It was the discussion I was looking for. She started yelling at me off the back. “How irresponsible of you…, what were you thinking,” etc. I am not the person you want to yell at if your present is not important to me. So I blew up on her and she was stunned. I told her she had some psychological issues and keep your private life away from work.” She stood there while the other students started to laugh. Next thing you know, she left because she felt really stupid that a student told her off. The other students said thank you because they could not stand her also.

The next day at school she was calmer then a bird. She tried to talk to me and I just ignored her. And the best part was I still received a “B” in the class. The moral of the story is to not be irresponsible.

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