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Unit One

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Unit One

In this chapter, some of the different types of human creativity are introduced. There is also an emphasis on understanding the value of studying the creative process of tradition from past to present, which is called humanities. Visual arts, performing arts, and literary arts are all modes of expression that are studied in humanities.

One of mankind’s oldest skills is the ability to create pictures. The first important part of a picture is its medium, or its physical makeup. Also, the use of lines to create shapes can create a certain feeling in the viewer of the painting or picture. Light is used to create depth and to emphasize certain elements of the painting. Composition is the combination of a pictures elements into a whole which can include foreground and background.

There are all different kinds of sculptures that are made by shaping material into a three-dimensional work of art. If the sculpture is a full-round it is free standing and can be viewed from all sides and angles, whereas a relief sculpture is usually attached to a wall or a panel making it viewable from just one angle. Sculptures can be made from many different materials according to the desired texture, which can be explored by touch.

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The most complicated of the arts is architecture. Architecture combines most of the art to create buildings that serve some sort of functions to the community that builds them. Architecture is usually associated with wealth and power because it is very costly to design buildings that are not only works of art, but are also functional to the community.

Music is the organizing of sounds in such a way that they are meaningful to the ear. This is an abstract art that combines tone, pitch, color, and dynamics to create numerous varieties of sounds and feelings. An important concept to understand is musical form, which is the arrangement of the compositions parts into a unified and meaningful whole. Without music, dance, or rhythmic and patterned movement of the human body,

would probably be nonexistent.

Also, in this unit theater, opera, and literature were briefly discussed. Theater is the art of acting out dramatic literature in a live performance, while opera is theater set to music. Literary arts can be divided into two sections fiction and non-fiction.

In this unit is an introduction to the arts. Among these arts are pictorial arts, sculpture, architecture, music, dance, theater, opera, and literary arts. With each type of art, the book provided questions that are helpful in evaluating the different pieces of art, and determining their significance.

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