Thursday, September 27, 2012

Interview with Baguette

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I interviewed my friend Baguette about boots that she had bought for 10$ at Aldos. The desire for Baguette to get herself a new pair of boots came from the fact that her mom had just offered her a new leather skirt for her birthday. Baguette felt the need to buy a new pair of boots to match her new brown skirt, as she did not own any brown boots. Her external motivation to buy the boots (the need to buy) was created by the gain of a new product that made her feel in need of a second product. The self-esteem criterion was the internal factor that made her buy the new boots. She felt good that the new boots would match perfectly with her new skirt. It’s the desire to look good for others and for herself that pushed Baguette to buy the boots.

When it came to alternatives, Baguette had none. With fashion, she is a compulsive buyer. She went into one store and her eyes fell on a pair of brown boots. She asked the lady for her size, and purchased the boots without looking at the price. Afterwards, she experienced cognitive dissonance, and visited other shoe stores to see if she had really made the right decision.

What made me discover the higher-level motivations underlying her purchase were the attributes that she found important when buying these boots.

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1st attribute Boots made out of real brown leather.

It was important for Baguette that the boots were brown to match her new skirt. She desired leather because she believes that it is a quality material that will last longer than any other one. Also, what is better than to match leather with leather!!

nd attribute Boots that are warm enough for the winter.

It was important for Baguette that the boots she was going to purchase were warm enough for the long Canadian winter. Also, it was an attribute to get mom off her back; she would never tolerate her daughter walking in the snow with boots that are not warm. Although, Baguette admits that if she had found the boots she had in mind and they weren’t very warm, she probably would have bought them anyways…!

rd attribute The heel is not too high…

In Baguette’s own words “Why? I am tall enough as it is… Also, I am such a klutz I would probably twist my ankle if the boots were too high, and that would make me look like a fool!”

4th attribute Boots match perfectly with the new skirt

Baguette’s mother offered her a new skirt for her birthday. As such, Baguette felt that she had to honor her mom’s gift, making sure to wear accessories that would only make the skirt look even better. She wanted to look good for herself and for the people surrounding her.

Baguette’s more- abstract motivation is self- esteem. If she thinks that she doesn’t look good then she cannot feel good about herself. She loves to be noticed without appearing too noticeable.

When asked what associations she held with this product, Baguette admitted, with a slight smile on her face, that the boots paired with the skirt made her feel very powerful. “I feel like one of the Charmed ones.” she said. “As soon as I saw those boots, I pictured one of my favorite characters in a television program that I love to watch. In Charmed, the girls are always so well dressed; their fashion style really inspires me.” said Baguette.

Also, the boots reminded Baguette of a pair of boots that her mom owned when she was young. She used to always put them on and try to walk around. Seeing the boots in the store also brought back memories of her childhood, making the decision of buying the boots only easier.

Baguette has no doubt that she would buy the same product again. She has been very satisfied with the boots so far. She has also received many compliments pertaining to her new boots. It has been those appraisals that brought down the cognitive dissonance she experienced in the early stages after her purchase. She now believes that Aldo sells quality boots, since she did not have a bad experience with the product.

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