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Lecture search on issey miyake

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Literature Search

The aim of the literature search is to find a good range of high quality, relevant information relating to your chosen designer or (company) and designed object/image.

Issey Miyake is the topic that I am going to do. As I know he is the Japanese famous fashion designer.

In order to analysis the topic for learning proposes, there are several elements are essential to be operated and concluded


1) Dictionaries and encyclopaedias of design

) Bibliographic and printed reference indexes

) Electronic database

4) The OPAC system

5) Illustration sources

6) Company and industry reports

7) Internet

1) Dictionaries and encyclopaedias of design

I found this search method very straight forward to use. All reference section were clearly labelled, which made it easier to find your book of your desire. After I am looking through the entire section on design/designer. I couldn’t find any information on assay menace advertising. But I have found some information related with design,

?0th Century Design “Reference 745.40.JUL

That’s nothing related with fashion

For Encyclopaedias of design I found the book which called “Design of encyclopaedia?

Reference 745.0.BYA

I found the other Japanese fashion designer Miyamoto Eiji (148)

But nothing about Issey Miyake

) Bibliographic and printed reference indexes

By using the Designer International Index, I found nothing at all on Issey Miyake, His fashion, but there was other related fashion designer in this index, such as Gianni Versace…etc

) Electronic database

Electronic Database was very useful for finding pretty much everything on Issey Miyake in fashion. For example You can find out something about Museum, Exhibitions, fashion design, advertising of Issey Miyake. Perfume for bottle/design, books, and magazines

Through using Art Abstracts, I found topic that were related to Issey Miyake fashion

There are some information are useful.

Title Cut out and keep

Personal Author Thompson, Henrietta

Journal name Blueprint no. 18 (August 00) p. 4-5

Subject Custom made clothing; Fashion design/Japan; Miyake, Issey

Title Issey Miyake A-POC

Personal author Lin, Vance

Journal name Graphis

Source Graphis v. 57 no. (May/June 001) p. 7-

Subject(s) Fashion design/Japan; Miyake, Issey

Title Fashion without taboos

Other titles Victoria and Albert Museum, London; exhibit

Personal author Mathews, Cleve

Journal name Fiberarts

Source Fiberarts v. 1 (May/June 185) p. 70

Subject(s) Miyake, Issey

Title Fashion a design

Other titles Boilerhouse Project, Victoria & Albert Museum, London; traveling exhibit

Personal author romberg, Craig

Journal name industrial Design

Source Industrial Design v. (May/June 185) p. 67

Subject(s) Miyake, Issey

Title Irving Penn Issey Miyake

Other titles book photographs of fashion designs

Personal author Licitra, Salvatore; Licitra Ponti, Lisa

Journal name Domus

Source Domus no. 701 (January 18) p. 10-11

Subject(s) Fashion photography; Miyake, Issey; Penn, Irving

Title Freedom clothes

Other titles by Issey Miyake

Personal author Sato, Kazuko

Journal name Domus

Source Domus no. 78 (November 17) p. 8-107

Subject(s) Fashion design; Miyake, Issey

Title Issey Miyake making things Foundation Cartier pour lart contemporain, Paris

Other titles exhibit

Personal author Carion, Anne

Journal name FMR

Source FMR no. 5 (December 18/January 1) p. 11

Subject(s) Costume/Japan/0th century/Exhibitions; Miyake, Issey

4) The OPAC system

The OPAC system was one of the catalogues in the library. Firstly, I have found six books relevant with the keyword “Miyake Issei?

Irving Penn regards the work of Issey Miyake photographs 175-18 / Irvin

Penn, Irving, 117-other titles by Author(s) Publication Date 1

The Issei the world of the first generation Japanese immigrants, 1885-14

Ichioka, Yuji-other titles by Author(s)

Publication Date 188

Issey Miyake & Miyake design studio 170-185

Publication Date 185

Issey Miyake / photographs by Irving Penn / edited by Nicholas Callaway / [e

Penn, Irving, 117-other titles by Author(s)

Publication Date 188

Issey Miyake / text by Laurence B�naïm

B�naïm, Laurence-other titles by Author(s)

Publication Date 17

Issey Miyake making things

Miyake, Issei, 18-other titles by Author(s)

Publication Date 1

Secondly, I also found Undressed Video recording fashion in the 0th century on video catalogue. The Publication Date is 18

5) Illustration sources

I think that’s not useful at all.

I went to the slide library in Level , there were a lot of loose folder, and I only find the film in Japan in the cardboard. Finally I couldn’t found any related with fashion.

6) Company and industry reports

The search method wasn’t useful at all. The topic box had a lot of information about fashion. For example Next Directory, Laura Ashley home by post, Fashion Company, Design Consultancy. I had looked all of those. But there is nothing about Issey Miyake Fashion. Secondly, I couldn’t find any company report on Issey Miyake.

7) Internet

This was the most successful search method to use. It was very useful and extremely quick in terms of finding relevant info on a specific subject area.

For the yahoo and google search www.yahoo.com /www.google.com

I found some which are followings


It is the official web site of Issey Miyake, and also it shows the details of the shop in the world. There were many photo of the model about fashion.

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