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By all means, I think

Tennyson is a wonderful writer and this poem is absolutely gorgeous,

but it contradicts a bit with the original story. Having read the


original epic, I have to say that Tennyson’s argument for having

Odysseus leave Ithaca for a second time is pretty weak. Throughout

the Odyssey, Odysseuss perseverance is driven purely by his desire

to return home, not by adventurous spirit. Even after living with

Calypso for ten years, Odysseus admits, each day I long for home,

and no matter what trial the gods put before him, his tough heart

can undergo it. In Tennyson’s poem, however, a different purpose

seems to drive Odysseus. Odysseus says his purpose holds to sail

beyond the sunset, and the baths of all the western stars, until

[he] dies. I think his quest in the poem is a bit pathetic. After

living at home for three years, Odysseus seems to have gotten bored

with his aged wife and wants to go sailing again. He feels that

his life rusts unburnished on Ithaca. What is he saying?! In my

opinion, his one adventure is enough to last ten lifetimes! Okay,

Odysseus is suffering from a bit of wanderlust and obviously has a

strong will to live life to the fullest (sorry about the clich�),

but frankly, Tennyson’s poem shows Odysseus to be incredibly impulsive.

He does not even seem to care about all the pain that his family has

suffered during his first journey. Every night, Pen�lopê cannot sleep

from grief and even prays to be shot by Artemis so that she can meet

Odysseus in the underworld. La�rtês weeps at his son’s name. Tel�machus

risks his life to learn of his father’s fate. Odysseus’s mother even

kills herself mourning. Odysseus is simply selfish to want to leave

again. Plus, Athena may not help him out this time. In addition,

his leaving Ithaca would undermine the killing of the suitors at the

end of the epic. Although Tennyson’s argument is weak when put in

context with the original epic, the poem by itself is very beautiful

and convincing. The vivid language strongly portrays Odysseus’s longing

to pursue knowledge and meaning in his life, despite his age.

Tennyson’s message is what makes this poem so wonderful. And it comes

across so clearly and strongly that it warms the hearts of all who

read the poem, inspiring them to strive, to seek, to find, and not

to yield.

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