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Children can be cruel and we as adults even crueler. [As children we play simple games that can amuse us for hours upon hours and seem so simple in theory. But as adults we play the same games and they become sick and twisted in nature. Pat Mora’s poem “La Migra” exemplifies this theory perfectly.]

Have you ever realized that kids tend to make up their own rules when playing their games? Such as the owner of a game has his/her own rules made only to give them the unfair advantage over everyone else. Or when someone’s over a friend’s house your friend always wins at everything just because they know all the good hiding spots, they know all the cheats and just plain dominate you and the game. When put through this situation, over a period of time the game becomes boring and you become angered and become vengeful. Pat Mora gives you both sides of the story, but shows the advantages and disadvantages of both the border control officer and the illegally immigrating woman. For example the officer says “you can’t get away because I have a jeep”(lines 6-7), “don’t ask questions because I don’t speak Spanish” (lines -11), “don’t complain too much because I have boots and kick” (lines 1-15), and “oh, and a gun” (line 17). But likewise the woman has advantages of her own, “your jeep has a flat, and you’ve been spotted by the sun” (lines -4), “I know the desert, where to rest, where to drink. Oh, I am not alone” (lines 7-0), and “Agua dulce brota aqui, aqui, aqui, but since you don’t speak Spanish, you do not understand” (lines -4).

To read this poem at face value wouldn’t be enough, there’s something else here that I don’t quite understand. When I read this poem the first thing that came to mind was the United States Government. We, as a nation, tend to want to dominate the world. It seems to me that all the government is worried about now a days is showing everyone and their mother that we are the big boys in town and no can mess with us. The battles we fight become less about instituting democracy and more about monarchy, and we are the kings to all our subsidiaries. We don’t fight to bring aid to those who need it, we fight to force our ways upon weaker nations. Its no longer “foreign aid” when we benefit from the outcome.

In her writing, Pat Mora shows us her opinion and her feelings on the matter, but its not so clear. To a first time reader it seems there is no reasoning behind the poem, after reading the poem several more times one can begin to see what the author’s feeling. It seems that as a child she was the kid who was always loosing games because of unfair advantages. But later in life she was the one who was conjuring up ways of giving her the advantages in life. Was she right or was she wrong in doing so?

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She shows two sides for a reason. She wants us to see that having the firepower or advantage doesn’t always cut it; you need to have knowledge of the language, terrain, and be well equipped for any and all kinds of climate. Weather she’s talking about fighting battles, or a government fixed on the domination of the world, or kids playing hide and go seek, she’s telling us to be knowledgeable about every situation. So you see as children we play simple games that can amuse us for hours upon hours and seem so simple in theory. But as adults we play the same games and they become complicated and have double meanings behind them.

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