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Pocahontas Essay

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A young Powhatan woman who dwelled amongst English settlers in the early 1600’s left a lingering impact on history that puzzles us today. The tale of Pocahontas, has caused much controversy due to invalid documentation and bias historical sources which can not be trusted. As historians attempt to explain the life of this young Native American girl, they discover that there are many angles on which the story can be examined and interpreted.

There are countless variations of the Pocahontas story which all attempt to recreate a certain era involving her viewpoint. Walt Disney Pictures manufactured a somewhat current interpretation of Pocahontas. Rather than depicting the “real” story of a pre-teen Powhatan girl, Disney produced a new rendition, greatly altering the truth. By trying to appeal to a large audience, especially children, it is thought by many, that the movie poorly mimics historical happenings and is almost an entirely different story. http//www.geocities.com/broadway/1001/poca.html

According to many historical documents, Pocahontas is said to be a young rambunctious girl who is captured by English settlers and given an ultimatum either to stay a prisoner or travel back to England with John Rolfe as his wife. http//www.encyclopedia.com/searchpool.asp?target=pocahontas%7. Apparently, Pocahontas chose to sail back to England as Mrs. Rolfe and becomes a respected upper class citizen that dies about a year later of smallpox. http//www.apva.org/history/index.html

It is interesting to learn the symbolism of the Pocahontas story. For example, Pocahontas could resemble a savage Indian converted to a Christian world, or represent a Mother Nature figure that attempts to teach the greedy Europeans the wonders of our sacred earth.


Personally, I believe that the more historical viewpoints enhance the actual story and help us to connect the pieces of the long lost anecdote that causes such immense confusion. The magical tale of Pocahontas that Disney produced is a children’s fairy tale that sheds no light on the actual historical points. This movie only confuses those unfamiliar with her legend and relays false information, angering those who searched through scatters to come upon the jumbled knowledge known today.

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