Thursday, December 6, 2012

kawau island paradise

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Close your eyes and imagine for a moment your on a beautiful island, Blue sky, Clear waters and Golden sand. Your accommodation is a self contained unit on the waters edge.

And the hosts are only to willing to satisfy your every need. Does this sound like your ideal holiday location. The perfect holiday ?.

Well you can forget all that when you come to kawau. You step off the boat on to my nana’s wharf and after you’ve unloaded all bags,

fishing rods, Chilly bins, 7 pillows, and dads 6 pack,


You have to climb 746 crudely made steps on a 75 degree angle defying gravity every step of the way. Finally you reach the top only to be told by dad theirs another 7 trips.

It’s usually been a while since the bach has been occupied

so as you can imagine the grass is 6 feet high, it has been taken over by enormous rats, spiders, wetas and creatures of an unsavory nature.

But after mum and dad have chased out the rats, removed the dead bodies, made a path through the cobwebs, swept everything, scrubbed everything and generally cleaned up the whole joint it starts to look like home, and your ready for that perfect holiday.

My favourite spot on Kawau is Sandy bay. Sandy bay is about an hours walk from our bach. My dad said Sandy bay is the best beach in the whole world. He’d know he’s been there 57 times.

Every time we get to the point where you can look down at the ocean, Dad makes us all stop and says “will ya look at that”. “ Look at what”. we all shout back. “Sandy bay, the best beach in the world.”

Then dad says, “last one down is a rotten sea egg”, we all race down as fast as we can and dive into the water. We swim, snorkel, muck around in the sand, and climb the rocks all day.

Then it’s time to go home. My brother looks up from his sandcastle and says “You know what dad, this is the best beach in the world.”

It’s a long way home and even though the bach is a bit rough it’s really comfy. Mum’s got the coal range going, and she’s cooking us some dinner. We are all sun burnt and tired, but man did we have an awesome day.

Lying in bed at night, you’ve swatted 64 mosquitoes, you drift off to sleep listening to the beautiful sound of the Morepork. Next thing you know it’s time to get up and face a new day.

One place you can’t avoid though is the long drop. Sooner or later you’ve got to go and if you’ve never used one it’s an experiance. I’ll tell you a story about my mum who took some fly spray in there to kill the greeblies.

She sprayed around the seat then sat down. Meanwhile an unhappy weta who didn’t like the spray tried to crawl out from under the seat. I didn’t know that my mum could run that fast, and all of Kawau could hear her scream.

It may not sound like the perfect holiday to you but it is for me.

(And my dad)

Beaumont point

Kawau Island.

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