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rebels of the Saxons

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Current Event

This article was from the date of Wed, December 1, 1. It is an International event. This article was from ¡§The Vancouver Sun¡¨. This article is about Chechen rebels strengthen defences. Russia rained bombs and rockers on its rebel province of Chechnya. Russia did this to help troops hold positions around Grozny. News agency said the guerrillas were laying mines and traps in Grozny. There were 00000 refugees who have fled the fighting for its impoverished neighbour. The head of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe wanted to hold talks with Chechen president to end the fighting. Canada will contribute another 1.5 million to help refugees. They must keep refugees warm through the winter. The foreign ministers of France and Germany expressed shock are the violence. Moscow reluctantly promised an OSCE summit in Turkey to let Vollebaek visit the region but has refused to set a time to go. The daily newspaper said in a front-page article subtitled ¡§The attempt to financially punish Russia for Chechnya.

I think Russia shouldn¡¦t do all this right now because if refugees had to leave, it will be too cold for them walking in the cold. This doesn¡¦t affect me because it is not my country that is doing bad things. This relate to class because when Charlemagne didn¡¦t like the Saxons because they refused to convert to Christianity so Charlemagne order about 4000 Saxons kill in a single day, just like Russia doesn¡¦t like Chechen so Russia rained bombs and killed a lot of there people. This relate to class because they are using mines and traps to increase the damaging, just like in siege warfare, they use catapult, which makes great damage. This relates to class because Russian are sieging on Chechen, just like in siege warfare, they siege on a castle.

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