Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bill Porter

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No one really knew who Bill Porter was until about one month ago when TNT aired it’s made for television movie, “Door to Door”, that was based upon his life as a door to door salesman with the Watkins company. Why would anyone want to make a movie about a door-to-door salesman? Perhaps it is because this door to door salesman his sixty-three years old and suffers from a crippling case of cerebral palsy, but yet still walks ten miles a day in an era where he is outdated. The first article I read was written in 15 and it is the article that brought Bill Porter into the public eye, which lead to the movie offer by TNT. I watched the movie and cried the entire time. It was so touching to see a man with such drive and perseverance, yet such a horrific disorder. During delivery the doctor used an instrument that crushed part of his brain and cause cerebral palsy making actions such as talking and walking almost impossible for him. His brain functions just as well as someone without cerebral palsy but he is trapped inside a crippled body. This did not stop him from becoming a top salesman for the Watkins Company. He walks ten miles a day selling household products door to door. Many people are frightened by his appearance and close the door in his face, but this never phases him one bit. He did not come into the public spotlight until 15 when the first article was published about him in The Oregonian. After that article was published he appeared on 0/0 on ABC and soon after TNT bought the rights to his story and that was when his life started to change.

The second article I read was published on July 18, 00, a few days after the movie aired on TNT. The movie was the number one watched program on television that night with more than one in ten people watching. The week following the movie his website was receiving so many hits that they crashed the website, more than 80 per minute. A book his assistant wrote about him shot to number 7 on the book charts after the movie aired. The fame has not changed Mr. Porter one bit though, as a matter of fact he does not like to talk about it and continues to sell his products on the phone and off his website.

Mr. Porter’s story really affected my thinking process. Many times, like all of us, I wake up feeling tired and sorry for myself, and I forget how lucky I am. Mr. Porter is an example for all of us to look up to, not just those who are disabled, but to everyone. He is a hard worker who is dedicated to his job and does not dwell on the misfortunes of life; he did not give up even when deemed “unemployable” by the state because of his condition. Mr. Porter has brought much needed attention to people afflicted with cerebral palsy and his presence is felt throughout all society now thanks to TNT’s movie. I feel that Mr. Porter is not only a role model and an inspiration to the disabled, but to all of mankind.


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