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Great Expectations-Pip's Changes in Life

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Pip’s change is caused by both the changes in his environment and his changed stature in life. As a result of his changed stature he makes new friends which are influential, and his attitude toward his friends that he has from the beginning changes for the worse. His level of ingratitude stays the same for most of the book except for towards the end when Joe takes care of him. Most of the changes that came about made Pip’s life more difficult.

From the time when Pip was a little boy, Joe had always been one of his most true and loyal friends. As time went on things started to change. The older Pip grew older, the less he saw Joe. He eventually started to gain financial power because of his secret benefactor. Along with this power came new friends and more respect. Some of the new friends that Pip made were not exactly the best friends a person could have. Some of them were fake and just wanted to be around him because of his money. The more money he made the more ungreatful he became and this put a strain on his relationship with Joe and another good friend of his named Biddy.

One other good friend that Pip made later in life was named Herbert. No matter how rich Pip became, he was always a true friend. Even when Pip found himself in debt, he stuck by him. Herbert also gave Pip advice about how to handle his love for Estella, a woman who Pip has loved eversince he was a boy. Estella did not treat Pip well at all. She made him cry when he was younger and made him feel common and inferior to her and yet he still loved her. The richer he became, the more he loved Estella. He felt that if he was more statured in life, then Estella would fall in love with him. Unfortunately for him, it did not happen.

The changes in his enviornment were also a part of his changed stature. He went from living in a small house with his sister and brother-in-law, to a reasonably sized house in a better neighborhood. That eventually changed when he found himself in debt. After he found himself very well in debt, he became very ill and had to stay with Joe. The time he spent with Joe helped their relationship.

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The changes that occurred in Pip’s life caused him to be ungreatful where some people would be very greatful. For most of the novel it seemed as though Pip was a person that would always take things for granted and not consider anyone else’s feelings. Near the end he demonstrated that he did have feelings of guilt and had a conscience. The very last change that Pip experienced was when Joe took care of him when he was ill, and he saw how wrong he had treated him and that made him feel guilty. That was the one event that changed Pip for the better.

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